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Vice Mayor of Deyang City visites Zhong Xing Tian Tong

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    The morning of May 23, Vice Mayor Li Chengjin and his entourage visited  Zhong Xing Tian Tong, the manager demonstrated their Products and Solutions. Since Zhong Xing Tian Tong has been awarded high-tech enterprises, Powerful R & D capability supported by the  the University of Electronic Science and Technology, it has attracted so many visiters to discuss the business development model, Zhong Xing Tian Tong break the puzzle constantly, innovate technology. Strive to create a new high-tech in 

    On the morning of May 23, Li Chengjin, vice mayor of Deyang city, Sichuan province and his entourages visited Zhong Xing Tian Tong, and our manager introduced products and solutions. Since Zhong Xing Tian Tong has been awarded the high-tech enterprise, leaders at all levels have been attracted to visit the company and exchanged views on business development model. With the strong R&D support of UESTC, Zhong Xing Tian Tong constantly overcomes difficulties, makes technological innovations, striving to create a new high-tech industry chain.  

    Accompanied by Wu Shaowei, deputy general manager of Zhong Xing Tian Tong, they visited Ad-hoc Network command center, application terminal software including ad-hoc network video monitoring and electromagnetic spectrum monitoring, ad-hoc network products, and other devices and products, such as unmanned aerial vehicles.

    Mr. Wu showed visitors the ad-hoc network products that deployed in the office area. With the access of surveillance camera, video images were displayed in the monitoring application terminal. At the same time, the ad-hoc network realized office wireless network coverage. The ad-hoc network products were also installed in the D group and the whole laboratory building of the UESTC. This long-span environment convinced our clients that the ad-hoc network supports a stable and large bandwidth wireless communication service. With flexible and mobiles features, our products can be deployed at UAV, vehicles at any time.

    Through the demonstration of various products, mayor Li was very satisfied with the current visit. He made a higher evalsuation of our ad-hoc network communication system, and highly recognized our scientific research capability. He said that as a new high-tech enterprise, Zhong Xing Tian Tong was equipped with the independent R&D capability to make products at an alarming rate and achieved remarkable results. He will continue to support the national enterprises, rejuvenate the country through science and technology. He also expressed the willingness to make cooperation with Zhong Xing Tian Tong in the future.