Service Case
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In the 2015 China Victory Day Parade in September 30, 2015,  Xinhua News Agency, the only military parade media, needs to report President Xi's parade and transmit photos from the scene to the back-end server on real-time so as to release the photos globally in time. The task is of great political significance and requires high reliability. The communication equipment are required to be deployed and dismantled rapidly, and can enable communication in motion. The small size, light weight and flexible power supply of the networking equipment are asked  to meet the installation requirements of the parade media vehicles.


Zhongxing Tiantong uses three fixed wireless Ad Hoc networking radioses to cover the coverage area, and enable the media vehicle access to the network in motion, which provides a data transmission channel for the media vehicles. The stable and smooth transmission of data is a remark of great success for the communication supporting task, which is important milestone for the application of the Company's products.