Service Case
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The organizers of the G20 Hangzhou Summit adopted Zhongxing Tiantong's wireless Ad Hoc networking solutions. Zhongxing Tiantong build a wireless Ad Hoc network transmission system that could transmit high-definition video and enable voice communication through the intelligent terminals. The system consists of multiple wireless self-organizing network radio nodes, enabling two way wireless Ad Hoc broadband communication among the command center, video capture vehicle, single nodes, indoor temporary control site and the outdoor command site.

Mounting the wireless Ad Hoc network radioses on the command center, camera vehicles, back-packed device, indoor temporary command points and outdoor command point, the mobiles and personal HD video, teleconferencing and real-time voice communications devices were connected to the command center in real-time.


1. Can be quickly deployed and support multi-service broadband communications

2. Support multi-regional network communications and collaborative command.

3. Light and portable

4. Strong Anti-destruction and environment adaptability