Service Case
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Tibet Autonomous Region, with an area of about 1.2 million square kilometers, is located in the southwest border of China. With about 4000km borderline, it has a unique geographical and complex environment, which presents tremendous challenges to the safeguarding of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Affected by the geographical environment, the natural disasters frequently occurs in Tibet. The communication and transportation in the mainland of China has more alternatives, however, in Tibet, they are more fragile compared with the mainland. A failure in any line, devices, base stations, and roads may cause a region losing contact with the outside world. Once the communication are interrupted and the road are cut off by natural disasters, the large-scale emergency rescue equipment including the vehicle station cannot enter into the disaster area, which is difficult for the disaster rescue communication support. In urban district emergency rescue, the shortage of personnel and resources will cause delay in adjusting terrestrial line, which can greatly influence the emergency communication supporting work.

Guided by the "Intensive maintenance, higher equipment efficiency, productized service" Zhongxing Tiantong proposed two scientific wireless Ad Hoc communication solution for Tibet, which is more suitable for Tibet's unique geographical environment. Zhongxing Tiantong advocates, on one hand, to use minimized emergency communications equipment and more flexible and convenient wireless Ad Hoc network access equipment for networking, enabling  flexible and rapidly networking for emergency communication when the road are cut off by natural disasters. On the other hand, the emergency communication could use wireless Ad Hoc networking solutions instead of relying on ground transmission line to avoid spending long time on scheduling the ground line, which can support the emergency communication service in a more convenient, flexible and rapid way.

The solutions proposed by Zhongxing Tiantong can solve the communication problems in the central or marginal area of the disaster area, and can tackle the problems exists in satellite communications, which make emergency communication possible in communication interrupted area. In traditional emergency communication, much time will be spent on scheduling the related departments, machine room, circuit hopping nodes and ground resources, which will cause the delay of emergency communication supporting work. However, using the MESH access equipment without relying on the ground transmission circuit, the emergency communication service can be carried out rapidly. The Mesh access equipment set in the city can enable the real-time transmission of video.


Relying on the deployment  of 4G network IP RAN(A side) equipment and changing the emergency C network BTS to IP transmission, the MESH networking equipment can access to the IP RAN (A side) equipment near the emergency communication supporting area to carry out emergency communication rapidly. The wireless Ad Hoc can tackle the challenges in remote and complicated mountain area, and provide secure and reliable service for these area.