Service Case
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The 14th China-ASEAN Expo was held in September 12 to 15 at Nanning Guangxi province. The Sponsor has the china Business Section, ASEAN economic and trade department, the ASEAN Secretariat. Since 2004, The China-ASEAN Expo has been successfully held 13 times, already has become China and ASEAN all-round pragmatic cooperation platform. 2017 as the 50th anniversary of ASEAN, but also China - ASEAN tourism cooperation year. The 14th China - ASEAN Expo built around the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area. "To build the 21st century sea silk road, boost tourism economic integration" ,held high-level convention, exhibitions, forums and series of activities, comprehensively deepen the field of cooperation, and promote friendly cooperation.

      During the exhibition receive numerous tourism all over the world. Chinese and ASEAN leaders attended the exhibition, Zhongxing Tiantong displayed self-research products spectrum monitoring equipment. also demonstrated the ad hoc network communication system. The Nanning president show interesting on it. Highly appreciate the Zhongxing Tiantong products and service and technology capabilities. The venue is crowded with people, that deploy the indoor wireless communication network at the exhibition hall, also the outdoor communication network near the exhibition area. Meet the needs of visitors online. for emergency communications, Video surveillance to avoid security incidents.

    The organizers adopt Tiantong QD2458 wireless ad hoc network equipment, providing the venue and outdoor wireless network, which has large bandwidth, high speed, safety, low power, fast and flexible deployment, high density multi-user access features. Provides wireless communication services for participants. At present, both in the venue, in all walks of life, ad hoc networking products have mature applications.With its unique advantages, cutting-edge technology promote the wireless communications development