Chengdu Zhong Xing Tian Tong Technology Co., Ltd.("ZXTT") is a leading provider of wireless Ad Hoc networking equipment and solution, invested by Chengdu Outwitcom Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Limited Partnership) and Beijing Jing Run Venture Technology Co., Ltd. It is a parent company with Chengdu Outwitcom as its first-tier subsidiary, and Beijing Hylat Co., Ltd as its second-tier subsidiary.

The company focuses on terrestrial wireless communication and satellite communication technologies and solutions, and aims to become a leading provider of wireless Ad Hoc equipment manufacturer and information system integration solution.

The company’s equipment and solutions serve in areas ranging from national security, traffic, and energy, and have been used for police and military fire control, disaster rescue, SinKiang border control, and the South China Sea control. The company once provided solution for the 2015 China Victory Day Parade, G20 Hangzhou Summit, and the 2nd World Internet Conference, etc.


Chengdu Outwitcom Co., Ltd.("Outwticom") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhong Xing Tian Tong, it was founded in January 2016 with a registered capital of 10 million Yuan ($1.5 million). The initial investment of the company is 200 million ($30million), and is estimated to be more than 500 million ($80million) Yuan within three years. It has more than 12000m2 (129167 square foot) office space in UESTC Electronic Information Industrial Park and CETC Aviation Electronic Industrial Park. 

Outwitcom focuses on wireless communication and networking technology. It has a primary success in developing wireless Ad Hoc networking technologies and equipment through the deep cooperation with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), and was granted the right to produce and sell  the DTC MESH equipment (cobham) by Beijing Hylat Co., Ltd. Base on its advanced communication network system, heterogeneous convergence network, and multiple information systems, the company promotes customized and intelligent applications of wireless ad hoc network. The company now is developing projects including train-ground wireless broadband networking for high-speed railway, wireless broadband networking for offshore users, wireless broadband networking for remote areas, communication support for smart cities and big events, etc


Beijing Hylat Co., Ltd is located in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, and it was certificated as a Hi-Tech Industrial Development company by Beijing city. It focuses on two main businesses, satellite communication and wireless tactical communication. At present, the company owns the world’s advanced satellite communication and wireless mesh network communication system, which is available to provide customers with efficient and high-quality after-sell service and one-stop communication service in various areas ranging from voice, data, multimedia, emergency communication, internet access, enterprise private network and distance education.